Main Product

Resource is sufficient, complete specifications, large inventory, quality and cheap, at the same time can be customized non-standard and special steel of stainless steel, according to customer requirements made a variety of stainless steel products, short time, high quality, high credibility.

Stainless Steel Sheet/Plate

The company's long-term product 304 #, 316L, 316 #, 430 # and other industrial production of stainless steel plate, direct packaging molding.

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Stainless Steel Coil/Strip

Stainless steel coil spot warehouse explosion warehouse! The major stainless steel factory 201 304 316L stainless steel coil spot can be set from the mention!

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Stainless Steel Tube/Pipe

Stainless steel seamless pipe, welded pipe (decorative tube). Its specifications: seamless outer diameter 3-577MM, wall thickness 0.4-14MM; welded pipe diameter 6-219MM, wall thickness 0.3-4.0MM.

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Stainless Steel Bar

Hot rolling, forging and cold drawing, size, shape, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules, packaging signs and quality certificates, etc. according to your requirements custom processing.

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Production Method of Stainless Steel Thick Plate

Stainless steel plate production methods are many, stainless steel plate according to delivery requirements, available hot rolling (about 80 ~ 90%) or cold rolling, cold drawing (about 10 ~ 20%) method of production. Hot-rolled stainless steel plate with a round, square or polygonal ingot, billet or continuous casting billet, the quality of the pipe has a direct impact on the quality of the pipe.

Hot-rolled stainless steel plate has three basic processes:

1, in the punching machine will be ingots or blanks into a hollow thick-walled tube;

2, in the extension machine will be rolled thin, extending into the wall thickness of the finished product;

3, in the finishing mill rolling into the required finished product tube. Stainless steel plate unit series to produce the largest diameter of the steel pipe to represent.

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